Become a leaner, healthier version of yourself.


The FLA is a 6-week intensive course, designed to empower you with the knowledge and the support system required to lose body fat.


Based on the latest scientific principles, the course will give you the tools you need for long term success and sustained results.


What’s included:

6-weeks of group coaching

Weekly lectures

Access to private members community

Evidence-based coaching

MARCHON Nutrition guides, recipes books & supporting assets through our online portal


The webinars are designed to teach you the fundamentals of fat loss exploring ares of nutrition, such as:

Energy Balance



Food psychology

Mindful eating

Habit and behaviour change

Life after dieting

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Some of our past success stories.


How long is the course?

6 weeks. We start on a Monday and end 6 weeks later with a final check in Monday of week 7.

What will I have to do?

Complete a weekly check in form
Watch the Weekly lectures and complete the homework tasks.
Keep a food diary for analysis and feedback.

What if I am going on holiday, a night out or have a social occasion during the 6 weeks?

With the greatest of respects life doesn't stop because you signed up to the FLA. We have had people on 2 week all inclusive holidays during this and still see results. We pride ourselves on having a flexible approach to your diet and still getting you to your goal.

Is the FLA right for me?

Do you want to lose body fat?
Learn more about calories, energy balance and how to keep your results?… then YES.

What about training?

The FLA is to be used in conjunction with whatever training or exercise regime you have. This is nutrition focussed only and your food intake and targets will be inline with how active you are as an individual. It is not a requirement to train or have a gym membership.

What is the difference between 1:1 training and the FLA?

The FLA is GROUP coaching. You are part of an intake all completing this at the same time.
You will have access to a FB group to support each other; to share information and progress.
The 1:1 includes regular Zoom Consultations and is a different service.

What will I be allowed to eat?

You have full autonomy over your food choices. Nothing is off limits or “not allowed”.
Unsustainable methods get unsustainable results. We will teach you to include foods you love.
This is not a “meal plan”.

What about alcohol?

Like we said. Nothing is off limits. All we ask is moderation and honesty in your food diaries.